Comwell Borupgaard

Not just a great location, but a long and storied history of innovation. 

It still holds true today. Borupgaard, a four-star, modern conference centre and spa hotel, receives 60,000 guests annually.

They maintain such a high professional standard that, in 2011 and 2014, Borupgaard was named "Meeting Place of the Year" for, among other reasons:

"At Comwell Borupgaard you can always expect a smile and a positive attitude. Comwell Borupgaard delivers what they promise, and you get the feeling that there’s nothing they won’t do. "

Comwell Borupgaard facts


Comwell Borupgaard has 149 guest rooms, including 4 suites and 4 handicap-accessible rooms. All rooms include a large bathroom, telephone, flat-screen TV, radio, Pay-TV and a large desk. Suites also include a minibar. Naturally, all rooms feature Wi-Fi. 

Hotel facilities:

  • Billiard table and volleyball
  • Outdoor fitness area in the park
  • Outdoor facilities for team-building
  • Wellness excursions (by foot or cycle)
  • Golf courses (Helsingør/Nivå)
  • AquaSpa
  • Gym facilities
  • Spa terrace with hot tub and sauna
  • Outdoor bubble bath
  • Treatments

Variety of meeting packages and offers, such as "Spa Meetings", "Weekend conferences", etc.

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