Konventum Konferencecenter

If you like art, you’ll like Konventum!

It all started with an architectural contest – Jørn Utzon won, but was waylaid by the plans for an Oresund bridge and the opera house in Sydney. Karen and Ebbe Clemmensen, and Jarl Heger, who had won second prize, ended up with the assignment. They created a modern village featuring elements of both medieval history and Southern Europe. 

The village is built up around three oak trees that symbolise the Nordic “thingstead”, where the wise men met, discussed and decided issues in a communal setting. The buildings exude life and atmosphere – and also happen to contain Denmark’s largest private collection of art.

Konventum Konferencecenter facts

  • Konventum has a large number of conference/meeting facilities:

  • The Auditorium has room for 190 persons, plus 60 in the balcony

  • The Conference Room has a capacity of 180, plus 30 in the balcony

  • The Oresund Room has a capacity of 80, with the Atrium Room accounting for an additional 45 

  • There are also 17 meeting/instruction rooms. They can seat from 18 to 48 persons with a standard table arrangement. Additionally, there are 26 group rooms for small meetings and group work. 

  • Konventum is filled with nooks and small niches, where people can sit and talk, work and discuss. This was one of the primary goals of the design – that it be easy to get together. The lay-out advances conversation, as well as understanding.


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