Pharmakon Konferencecenter

It’s big, professional, and all meetingrooms are designed especially to provide wisdom for the participants.


Kronborg Castle

Use Kronborg Castle to hold your meeting in a royal setting. Take inspiration in the grandeur of Kronborg and the spirit of Hamlet.


The Culture Yard

An old shipyard has been transformed into a culture yard with ultramodern conference facilities and a fantastic view. 
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Is a "multi-purpose building" with room for up to 2,000 guests and a broad range of facilities under the same roof.

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Hotel Hillerød & Krydderiet

‘Networking’ and ‘personal’. These are the keywords of Hotel Hillerød. We provide a very personal service, but in an informal style. 
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M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

The Maritime museum doesn’t resemble any other meeting place. Down in the old dry-dock, you can rent a bridge for a meeting. 
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Comwell Borupgaard

Originally a manor house, Comwell Borupgaard is now an ultramodern conference centre located in the heart of a beautiful park.
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Bymose Hegn

Offers a calm, harmonious and contemplative atmosphere, wonderful nature and above all - engagement.     
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Madam Sprunck

The fulfillment of a dream where tradition and renewal create the perfect place to meet, eat and sleep.
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Konventum Konferencecenter

Art, quality and creative solutions. That is Konventum. You’ll find it all, from cosy corners and niches to large auditoriums.


Hornbækhus Hotel

Lovely surroundings and high standards. Hornbækhus is the quintessential beach hotel – maintaining its charm and beauty all year.
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Scandlines Helsingør - Helsingborg

Come aboard and hold your meeting in international waters on the Tycho Brahe ferry. Now that’s an ocean view! 
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Marienlyst Hotel

Where ocean view meets history. Brasserie and newly-renovated conference centre featuring attentive staff and spa. 
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Unique Meetings in Royal North Sealand is a network of meeting places that offer something out of the ordinary.

One click, 15 meeting places, and "all inclusive offers". We work together on every level, allowing you to personalize your experience by combining meeting places – and making your meeting, conference or function that much more eventful!

So let the sttting of your next meeting be in Royal North Sealand.

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