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Make demands for your conference

If one were to boil down the setting and lay-out of Konventum to one word, it would have to be generous. No expense was spared – not on rooms, furnishings, space or provisioning. Konventum is the right place, if you are looking for a conference place with both large and small rooms, niches and outdoor areas. You can transmit live between auditoriums, there’s a library, and there are guest rooms of a high standard – and, of course, a lot of art.

Konventum is a modern conference centre. But the village also tells an exciting story about Danish design, art, and architecture as tools that can add value to meetings and conferences.

The demands for holding meetings and conferences in a unique setting are only getting greater and greater. Today, a conference booker’s responsibilities extend far beyond the booking of rooms and refreshments. Because the value of your conference must likewise extend far past the moment you say, “thanks for everything” and leave the conference centre.

Value in the method:

Konventum’s consultants are known for creating an effective link between theory and practice. We see to it that the objective of your conference is actively transferred to your normal day, and has the desired effect on both the short and long term. We have many years of experience in meeting design, facilitation, presentation method, team-building and evaluation.

Use us as process consultants during the preparation of your conference programme. Use our valuable facilitation tools during the conference – and let us assist you in implementing conference results into your business subsequently.


Konventum has its own park, gold course and magnificent green areas just outside the door – all of which can help you increase the energy and nurture the learning process so important to a successful meeting. It works, because there is so much nature at your disposal right outside the conference room.

And "Hollywood" booked us:

When the actor Jude Law played Hamlet at Kronborg, all the journalists and photographers were desperate to find him. Who would get a shot of, or a word with, the man that many women – and some men – consider irresistible? But in spite of the fact that he was often glimpsed moving through Elsinore, nobody ever found Jude Law’s hideout. Good for him, for that allowed him to enjoy life and spend a whole week going on bicycle rides with his peace. But this much we can now say: if you want to live like Jude Law, just check into room 715 at Konventum.



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